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KT Dryers
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    We offer experienced factory-trained service for your dryer needs
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KT Dryers & Bins - "We offer experienced, factory-trained service for your dryer / grain handling needs"


Quadra Touch - Touch screen dryer control system

Automatic moisture control is standard! Continuous flow or batch mode, Speed & Quality.

Sukup Grain Bins

-5,000 or 8,000 lb. roofs available (15,000 lb. for commercial), -15' - 105' diameter bins available, large inner and outer walk-through doors are reversible to match your systems layout, knuckle-Saver latches on inner doors protect your hands and give you the torque you need to oopen the doors easily and close them tightly.

Sukup Unloading Equipment

-Fastest unloading in the industry! Sukup offers a full line of 6", 8", 10", and 12" unloading equipment designed to unload your bin quickly and easily. While you're installing a new bin floor, it's a great time to upgrade your system with the addition of a Sukup Sweepway.

Hawk Cut - Twice as Strong

-Our exclusive process does not remove any steel in forming the large open area in the plank. All openings are created in the sloped sides of the corrugation, not at the top or bottom ridge of the corrugation, which would weaken the planks. Combined with the high arch of the corrugation, this allows Hawk Cut planks to support up to twice the weight of other smooth floors.

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KT Dryers & Bins

A division of KT Irrigation

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